Total Green Bliss!

by Jinjee Talifero

I bought my first organically grown cotton, hemp and bamboo clay-died clothing today - head to toe! And wow! I feel caressed by the Earth Mother! I never want to wear anything else again!!! I have been eating only totally natural organic fresh food for 15 years - - so at least I don't eat toxic chemicals. But I have still been wearing toxic chemicals on my body, using toxic chemicals in my body care, living in houses that have been built, treated and cleaned with all kinds of toxic chemicals, and driving in cars that emit toxic chemicals. But all this is changing.

I've started using all the 7th Generation recycled unbleached paper house products like paper towels, toilet paper, and diapers, and natural organic cleansers and detergents. The clothes were the next big step for me. Now soon we will be living in a home that not only is non-toxic, but that will actually promote healing and well-being! And we will soon be driving in a car with totally clean energy and no emissions! Hard to imagine I know! But the green movement is here and now! We have arrived!

I'm having the most amazing reaction to wearing these natural clothes! I feel like I'm really valuable, really loved, really special, and really futuristic. Strange how different I feel! And it has made me see all the pieces of the puzzle and how they will fit together. Perhaps people won't even realize they are living entirely green, but I can see it happening! Every single product in the Consumer Goods Economy (link to will be green by the end of the next decade! (2020). What a wonderful world it will be!

When I started eating The Garden Diet (a raw vegan diet) my health shifted dynamically, giving me exponential energy, mental clarity, and spiritual connectedness. Now that I'm wearing green clothes, my well-being and sense of self is shifting dramatically. I can only imagine what living in a green home is going to do! Perhaps much of our angst, mental fog, indecision, negative thinking, and confusion is a result of the chemicals in our homes, that we are breathing in every day. Wood is the predominant building material in homes today. And wood is in a constant state of decay, going back to the earth. Therefore all the wood that is used in building has first been dipped in heavy duty chemicals to ward off the bugs and microorganisms that would otherwise be recycling the wood. And we would be breathing in those chemicals.

But imagine living in a home that was totally toxin free. Would that make a difference? Of course! It is insane that wealthy individuals are spending millions of dollars on homes that are killing them. Homes that cause cancer! You can read it on the product labels. The manufacturers are very open about it. They know it won't make much of a difference, because people are going to resist change. How do make an eco house comfortable anyway? Its all concrete? Ah, but the concrete is finished with beautiful non-toxic surfaces like bamboo or hemp siding, cobb or adobe with lovely rounded corners and no sharp edges anywhere, and creek rock on the outside to fit in to the environment. The house has more windows than walls, to give you the feeling of living in nature. The house is low to the ground (single story) and with the windows, creek rock, adobe, and sod roof, it is barely noticeable, hardly distinguishable from the pristine nature around it.

How would it feel to have your electricity generated by the sun, and to be able to switch the electricity off at night, to get a deep sleep with no buzzing and humming of electric appliances emitting electro magnetic fields! You can't imagine the profoundness of that sleep, embraced by the deep silence of the night. - This I have experienced, in a sleeping-house that was built on an old redwood stump, outside a house we rented and lived in for a year. I believe it regressed my aging by about five years.

And imagine showering in water that is from a well that taps in to the ground water fed by the mountain rain water of the Topa Topa mountains. This water is charged with electrolytes from the mineral-rich ground, free of chemicals, and filtered using the latest in state-of-the-art water filters to retain all of the natural and beneficial water content while filtering out toxins. And this water is good to drink. It is energizing, nourishing, and even healing. Water is a huge theme in this house, with a real waterfall in the living area providing the natural sound of life force that gives us energy on an abundant cellular level. The beauty is intense. Pools, lap pools, outdoor showers, hot tubs, and jacuzzi tubs using this totally natural water, all contribute to a revitalizing of the body and spirit on a many times daily basis.

And then best of all, imagine that your garden is entirely edible, that you pick your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and eat it within minutes, so that the nutrient levels are at their very peak. Every minute the food is off the tree or vine or out of the earth, the nutrient levels are dropping. We barely exist on the nutrient-starved foods that are delivered to cities on trucks and planes, sitting on shelves for months, filled with preservatives, stabilizers, and flavor enhancers (toxic chemicals)! Now you will experience the complete opposite of that meager vibration, - the life force of the planet nourishing you as God through nature intended! Experience the communion with your Creator, who developed precisely designed foods to maximize your potential, and feel loved and cared for like you never have before!

Now add in the spiritual fulfillment of knowing that your idyllic life is serving humanity through the work that the community you are living in does in the world, helping obese children to lose weight and giving them the skills and knowledge to keep it off, researching, publishing and producing information about the benefits of fresh organic unheated fruits and vegetables in a scientific academic format that will change the way nutrition is written about and taught in schools, and above all being an example of the possibilities that are now available to us to live abundant lives of health, purpose, peace, happiness, and total well-being!

This is what we are aiming for in the Custom Green Dream Homes to be built by Storm Talifero, in conjunction with the Raw Vegan Village. Green Designer Storm Talifero, above, is a fine artist, visionary, and has been devoted to visually imagining and designing a green future for our planet for over 30 years. All the drawings on this page are designed and rendered by Storm. Storm works in pencil, watercolors, 3-D computer modeling, maya animation, and digital videography. As a home designer and healer, he is devoted to creating healing homes in nature that merge in harmony with the environment.

In Joy!

Jinjee Talifero is the founder of Pear Magazine Online, The Garden Diet, Take A Fruit Break, and Natural Paradigms. She co-produced "Breakthrough", the documentary film about her family. Jinjee writes The Daily Raw Inspiration email newsletter with 17,000 subscribers and is a home-schooling, home-birthing, raw-vegan mother to five children. With her husband Storm and sister Julie, she is currently creating a new kind of healing music, as well as building a Raw Vegan Village with 10 other families in Ojai, CA, where she lives.

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