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Green Dream Home, River House, hand-drawn by Storm Talifero (adapted from Frank Lloyd Wright's "Falling Waters")
"We are deprived of nature, living five-thousand people deep per acre of green space. Green living is not just building green or eating green but surrounding oneself in green, the green that heals, comforts, caresses, and makes us breath more deeply, taking all the corners off of our difficulties and stresses" - Storm Talifero , visionary green designer

Adobe House, hand-drawn by Storm Talifero
"When we work in the materials of the land around us, the home blends in harmony with the land, - it becomes a part of the beauty rather than a scar on the surface of the earth". - Storm Talifero, green designer

Cliff House, by Storm Talifero
"Nature is beautiful but also stark. A house must dare to live and breath, must dare to reach beyond what has been done before, and must point us towards the future". - Storm Talifero, green designer

Creek House, by Storm Talifero
"Water gives us great peace. We are made of it. It has great power. When we harness the water of the surroundings with respect, we add oxygen, spirit, and other rejuvenating factors to our daily living. We will find we are living with increased energy". - Storm Talifero, green designer

The Work Place, by Storm Talifero
"Our work space should be just as beautiful and inspiring as our home environment. This is where we do great work in the world. This should also be a healthy space, as it is where we may spend the bulk of our time on earth". - Storm Talifero, green designer

The Retreat House, by Storm Talifero
"When creating a resort spa, we are challenged with the making of an environment that is supremely beautiful and private while also made to be enjoyed by groups of people" - Storm Talifero, green designer

Bridge House, by Storm Talifero
"In our time, with the internet, we can telecommute, we can communicate globally, and thereby begin to free up these crowded decaying cities and develop more and smaller cities, embraced by nature" - Storm Talifero, green designer

The School by Storm Talifero
"A place of learning ought to be inspiring and filled with light. The lines and the thought that go in to a building can communicate its intelligence to the minds therein. This is our opportunity" - Storm Talifero, green designer

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