Green Dream Homes Announcement
The Upper Raw Village

We are pleased to announce the pre-sale of four custom built 2000 to 20,000 square foot green dream homes in Ojai, California. Visionary Green Designer Storm Talifero will be co-designing these homes with local green builders and craftsmen on 160 acres parcels on a mountain top in Ojai, just 40 minutes from Los Angeles. The terrain is high mountain desert, sagebrush, chapparal, and protected California Oak, and will have 40 acres of organic fruit trees, exotic fruit trees, vegetable and herb gardens and permaculture landscaping.

These homes have 360 degree views of mountains and ocean which are some of the most astounding vistas in Southern California. Many well-known movie stars have homes in Ojai, and one of the neighbors on this hilltop is Larry Hagman, who is also going green, which he talks about in this video.

The homes will be built from earth-friendly concrete reinforced with sustainable rebar to withstand any earthquake or firestorm. Three panes of glass floor-to-ceiling windows throughout will provide the illusion of living outdoors, at one with the energizing, pristine natural surroundings.

The homes will blend in harmoniously with nature, almost unnoticeable, a part of the environment. Lap pools, infinity pools, spas, fountains and waterfalls will give the homes a spa atmosphere, suffusing the air of the homes with electrolytic ions to heal and soothe all who enter within.

The building materials will be chosen from the best and most beautiful of the non-toxic, sustainable, and environmentally friendly materials available. Custom features for you to choose from include an indoor glass-walled yoga studio, raw vegan kitchen, greenhouse, separate detached computer room to protect from electromagnetic fields, and an array of beautiful materials for walls, counters, and floors.

These homes are within a short drive to the Raw Vegan Village and will include all of the amenities of the village - raw resort spa, raw vegan restaurant, yoga classes, library, day care, offices, and common house.

These homes are being planned with the intention to promote your greatest well-being in harmony with nature. Priced from $5,000,000 - $50,000,000.

by Jinjee Talifero

Green Designer: Storm Talifero.